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Bees, bees, and more bees

We initially started our season for 2023 planning to split our hives and head home to Michigan. Things really started out with a bang down here in Georgia and the bees responded maybe a little too good... With that being said like a cheap used car salesman WE HAVE TOO MANY BEES! EVERY NUC MUST GO!, lol. To deal with our monster hives growing out of control we have decided to make 100 nucleus colonies and we are planning to sell 50 of them. I know I mentioned in previous posts that we would not be selling nucs but that just isn't possible with the rate our bees are expanding and with the financial burden of making sure they all have enough room for honey. After all, honey supers are not free! So if you're on the fence or haven't ordered yet, we have the nucs! Just head over to our store tab and reserve yours today.

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