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2023 update from the Beeman!

Greetings from the farm on this snowy January day! We hope everyone's new year is off to a great start as ours sure is. This year our bees migrated to Georgia and they are doing wonderful, we have been making trips down to feed them and treat for mites. We are incredibly grateful our bees are doing so well and thankful for the generosity of our hosts in Georgia. In addition to all the great things going on down south we have been having a lot of fun putting on our mead making classes. We have set up classes from now until April for up to 70 seats and they are almost all sold out! Also our beginner beekeeping classes are posted and seats for them are filling up too so make your reservation today. If you were hoping to buy bees from us this year either in a nuc or package I am sad to say that we will not be offering any for sale this year. This decision came when we planned to make the move to increase our number of hives so all splits and nucs will be kept for our increase. If you have overwintered hives though do not fear! we will be continuing to make trips to GA amongst the classes and we will begin raising queen bees from our best queens. We plan to have queen bees available by April for purchase in Michigan so plan your spring splits and get ahead of swarm season! Our queens are tougher than woodpecker lips and ready to go to work in your apiary, stay tuned for announcements for when you can purchase your 2023 HTFA queens. We know it is snowy and cold now but before you know it the maples will be blooming! But until then we hope to see you all in a beekeeping or mead making class!

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