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A plan for 2020!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Lately I have had the pleasure of talking to a lot of you in person at craft fairs, and while I am out and about. I am beyond thrilled when people purchase our honey, it really helps us accomplish our goals when it comes to honey bee population increases and habitat restoration! But we aren't a one trick pony! Many people have expressed concern and a want to do more about honey bee decline and have mentioned that they want hive tours or classes. Well very soon we will bee offering just that, guided hive tours in group or one on one sessions, comprehensive and involved classes with peers, and lots more info to be shared. I had a really rough go when I started beekeeping, it's my goal to help you have success where I had failures. So very soon we will be publishing a syllabus with classes for the 2020 season. you will be able to join me as we work our way through the year!

Stay tuned!

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