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Donate Towards Mead License And Tasting Room

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**Disclaimer: We are unable to legally exchange mead or alcoholic beverages for any amount of money or donation at this time.**

Recently we have had a TON of interest from people wanting to buy our mead. This is super inspiring to us and we are overwhelmed by all the positive support. Sadly though we cannot sell mead legally without the appropriate license from state and local governments. The cost would be roughly 3500 dollars for the permits and we would need to build a tasting room onsite. Many people on social media have requested to donate to our cause to make this dream a reality. We are very taken back by this offer and we are very grateful for others wishing to help.

We have decided to offer this option of donating so you can offer your help in getting our meadery off the ground. And to say thanks to those that donate we will be putting up a board in the tasting room with the names of all the donors and the amount donated.

Thank you all for your support but most of all thank you for the inspiration and the motivation to pursue this journey!


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