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Our Farm

Hickory Tree Farm Apiaries is a small scale sustainable apiary located in beautiful Kent City, Michigan.


We are veteran owned and operated.


Fight For
The Forgotten

 Fight For The Forgotten has taken on the mission to free and empower the Mbuti Pygmy people after then have been displaced by illegal rainforest deforestation and then enslaved by other tribes. Some of their efforts include drilling wells for clean drinking water, teaching sustainable agriculture, and purchasing land for the Pygmy's to live on and farm.

Fight For The Forgotten also does amazing work here in the states too with Heroes In Waiting, a anti bullying and intervention program that has been set up in over 100 schools with 100's of thousands of students affected. We are proud to join them in the fight to defeat hate with love.



Honey Products

Raw Honey, all of our honey for sale is raw and natural just as the bees intended. The bees work very hard all year to create a surplus of honey and we believe its best to have minimally processed so all of the pollen and enzymes are intact. 

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